I am a writer originally from Wisconsin now living in Los Angeles, CA.

 I like stories about robots, mythology, and romance-- sometimes all at once.
 I love books. Their size. Their shape. Their smell. The texture of their pages. I love them.
 Favorites include A Canticle for Leibowitz, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Jane Eyre, Watership Down, and Giants in the Earth.
 I am currently working on novels, screenplays, plays, and audiodrama.

 You can email me at--> contact [you know what] byWilliamJMeyer [you know what]

 You can find me on Twitter and on New Play Exchange and on Vimeo and on Goodreads and on Wattpad and on IMDb.

" Doesn't matter what the feather wants. Doesn't matter what it does. Down it goes. "


  novel • theatrical mythology

 A Valkyrie named Hildr visits four warriors soon to die, testing their resolve and their moral courage,
 seeking to recruit them for her own secret purpose.

 VALKYRIE is a book about theatre and mythology and is currently crowdfunding on Unbound!

 Written by William J. Meyer • With a live-action trailer featuring Keetin Marchi as Hildr • Maia Kazin as Widsith • Camber Donahoe as Nótt
 and Christopher Karbo as Aegir • Cinematography by Dylan Cashbaugh • Wardrobe styling, hair and makeup by Keaghlan Ashley
 Music by William Seegers • Co-produced by Keetin Marchi

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" They followed the blood. And the blood followed the gold. "

The Birthing Pit

  play • gothic romance

 Fleeing a mysterious pestilence at the end of the American Revolutionary War, a Rhode Island couple journeys home from the Caribbean.
 But when tragedy strikes at sea, possibly from supernatural causes, can their love endure beyond the grave?

 Written and Directed by William J. Meyer • Starring Jensen Chambers and Maia Kazin • Costumer Elena Flores • Stage Manager Beth Scorzato

 This truncated version of the play was performed at studio/stage in Los Angeles, CA as part of the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival
 I have since written a full-length version

 "Entrancing." "Beautiful." "Haunting." "Ambitious." "Touching." "Macabre." "Sexy." Read reviews

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" The universe has an eternal heartbeat. "


  short story anthology podcast • fantasy, sci-fi, macabre
The trailer -->

 The universe has an eternal heartbeat-- each pulse quiet, and across remote dimensions.
 Though seldom heard, when a beat sounds-- there can arise-- a Strange/Love.
 Join me and actors as we read and perform my short stories with sound effects and music!

 Episode One: The House That Jack Built
  The newlywed couple Jack and Liz move into their new house on an otherwise uninhabited island,
  and soon a nearly-forgotten arson casts a fiery shadow over their marital bliss.

 Episode Two: Goodbye, She Said • Featuring Nicola Branch
  Could the rumored monster cult be responsible for a new couple's peculiar woes?

 Episode Three: Idylls of Camelot • Starring Kristina Teves and Christopher Karbo
  After the death of their parents, Cindy and Harry uncover the turmoil of their family history and discover
  that like any addiction, talking to the dead has its price.

 Written and Produced by William J. Meyer • Music by William Seegers
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" In broken tongue I call to the dark-- "

Fire on the Mound

  podcast novel • fantasy-adventure

 After his father dies from poison contracted during the last war, a young Gaewyn named Pekra reluctantly befriends
 his father's killer-- and is swept up in a legendary struggle to protect the mythical cottonwood tree.

 Written and Produced by William J. Meyer • Read by Steve Rudolph • Music by William Seegers

 2014 Parsec Awards Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form) • 2013 The Geekie Awards Best Narrative Audio Series

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" Do not devils born of the mind have more substance? "

One-Act Plays

  short plays

The Maimed King • Roles: Two Men, One Gender Neutral
 Joseph and Evelake arrive on the shores of England, planning to secret the Holy Grail inland to the town of Glastonbury.
 The brigand tracking them is the least of Evelake’s perils as he begins to doubt the foundation of his new Christian faith.

 Available on the National New Play Exchange

 Written by William J. Meyer

Waiting to Die in a Tent, A Few Thoughts on Valhalla • Roles: Three Men, Two Women
 The old viking warrior Einarr and his young friend Mikel battle to protect their distant city of Reidun.
 When Einarr is mortally wounded, Mikel sets out to locate Einarr’s estranged daughter Kára for a final father-daughter reunion.
 But before they can return, a mysterious figure finds Einarr alone-- and about to breathe his last.

 Available on the National New Play Exchange

 Written by William J. Meyer

" Well, if we gotta go, might as well go laughing. "

Hostile Worlds

  podcast • science-comedy

 Episode 9: Here Comes the Sun (Part One) • Listen to Part One
 Episode 10: Hello Sunshine (Part Two) • Listen to Part Two

 Our lives literally revolve around it. That big yellow ball in the sky-- the Sun.
 But what do we really know about El Sol? Is it just a big ball of gas and flame? Or is there more to it than that?

 Sarah and David venture into the Sun’s corona and meet with Dr. Andrea Cellarius, a bright and flame-boyant scientist,
 to learn about the components of our sun-- but when a coronal mass ejection plummets
 their solar bathysphere deep into the star, they have precious few minutes to learn anything at all!

 Written by William J. Meyer • Produced by Matthew McLean
 Starring Sarah GoldingDavid AultColin Gray • and Tanja Milojevic • Artwork by Tomislav

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